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Hodo Spicy Harissa Tofu Cubes - 8oz

by Target
Hodo's Harissa Cubes started in the Hodo kitchen, where they were constantly whipping up a fresh harissa sauce to flavor their firm tofu for lunch. They loved it so much, they made a version to share far and wide.

Nutty, protein-rich organic firm tofu is chopped into cubes and then marinated in a North African harissa sauce packed with rich flavor: cumin, garlic, chili peppers, and coriander. These cubes are slightly spicy, complex and absolutely addictive. Hodo’s cubes, made from plants, are delicious and award-winning!

To enjoy, heat on a skillet on high heat for two to three minutes until slightly crispy. Then serve hot with a yummy rice bowl, toss with noodles, or in a crispy lettuce wrap.