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Chop House by Holten Frozen Prime Chuck Steak Burgers - 6ct/2lbs

by Target

The Chop House by Holten USDA Prime Chuck Steak Burger is a premium burger made with the highest-grade USDA Prime Chuck beef. Less than 3 percent of all beef qualifies for the USDA Prime distinction, so you know you are getting the absolute best grade of beef generally found in the most exclusive restaurants because of its amazing tenderness, juiciness and incredible flavor. These high-quality burgers feature natural ingredients and are minimally processed. They are a great choice for home cooks looking for the best burger experience for gatherings with family and friends, tailgating and other special events. And these burgers also offer the convenience you are looking for - fresh-frozen with the freshness and flavor locked in. CHOP HOUSE by Holten USDA Prime Chuck Steak Burgers are sure to please. Enjoy!