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Breyers Oreo Chips Ahoy! 2in1 Ice Cream - 48oz

by Target
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Oreo or Chips Ahoy!? When it comes to your favorite cookie Oreo, and
your other favorite cookie Chips Ahoy!, you don't have to choose with
New Breyers 2in1s. Now you can get the best of both worlds - vanilla
Breyers loaded with pieces of real Oreo cookies, swirled together with
caramel Breyers and pieces of delicious Chips Ahoy! cookies. It's sure
to be your new favorite dessert. And to make things even better, Breyers
now offers a whole range of 2in1 flavors! Gone are the days of having
to choose between REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups OR REESE'S PIECES, SNICKERS
OR M&Ms, HEATH OR fudge-covered waffle cone. With New Breyers 2in1
range you can turn those ORs into ANDs! Back in 1866, when William
Breyer started his small ice cream operation in Philadelphia, he
probably could not have imagined the goodness that would be Breyers new
2in1 range, but he did have a vision for the quality he wanted his
desserts to entail. We hope you agree that our new Oreo & Chips
Ahoy! flavor is top notch! And that you'll try our other 3 flavors as
well: Breyers 2in1 REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups & REESE'S PIECES, 2in1
SNICKERS & M&Ms, and 2in1 HEATH & Waffle Cone! Check out to find some near you!