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Breyers Cookies and Cream Frozen Dairy Dessert - 48oz

by Target
Take a milk and cookie break. Dive into Breyers rich and creamy vanilla
packed with scrumptious, cream-filled chocolate cookie pieces in Breyers
Cookies & Cream! That delicious vanilla taste mixed with chocolate
cookies - what a combination! Our vanilla flavor is pretty special -
it's 100% sustainably farmed in Madagascar and is certified by
Rainforest Alliance! We work with Rainforest Alliance to help farmers in
Madagascar take care of their farms and families. Find out more about
our Vanilla Story, that makes our Cookies & Cream so good at We don't play favorites though… all of our
ingredients are special to us and that's because we believe high quality
ingredients make great tasting ice cream. It all started with our
founder, William Breyer, who in 1866 started his small business in
Philadelphia. He wrote a Pledge of Purity and committed to using real,
high quality ingredients in his desserts. More than 150 years later we
follow his same philosophy. That's why we partner with farmers for 100%
Grade A milk and cream from American cows not treated with artificial
growth hormones*, use colors and flavors from natural sources**, and
sustainably farmed fruit and vanilla. It's all a part of what makes
Breyers Cookies & Cream delicious! Give it a try and leave us a
review at or follow us @Breyers on Instagram!
*The FDA states that no significant difference has been shown between
dairy derived from rBST-treated and non-rBST-treated cows.
**Our product, before the inclusion of any candies, cookies, sauces or
fruit from other suppliers, will fully abide by this claim.