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Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bold Taste – 16.9 fl oz

by Target
Bertolli Bold Extra Virgin Olive Oil stands out for its flavor, color and aroma. It comes from the first cold pressing of the olive and is filtered before bottling to remove the natural sediments. Its strong, full-bodied flavor makes it the perfect olive oil for those who like barbequing, roasting and red meats. The unique aromas and flavor balance dry herbs with hints of tomato, artichoke and melons; giving it a peppery, but fruity finish. Bertolli Bold EVOO blends high quality oil and is tested with a stringent process to give consistent quality. This practice ensures that your extra virgin olive oil is made with only the best olives.

Our legacy starts with Francesco Bertolli and his passion for good food and simple ingredients. Bertolli and his wife first opened their Tuscany grocery store's doors in 1865 have been selling quality olive oils and regional ingredients ever since. Bertolli pioneered importing top quality olive oils to America. Even 150 years later, the Bertolli family legacy lives on globally through simple ingredients and authentic flavor.